About TPFD

The purpose of our association, which was established in 1992, is to “serve our country's football and association members, to reveal the technical, social, cultural and economic problems of the members in mutual aid and solidarity, to carry out research and studies in this direction, to undertake tasks, to provide unity among the members. "

Our association gathers the people working in the status of professional footballers in Turkey and approaches all sports clubs equally. Our association is an amateur organization and does not deal with political issues, nor discuss, discuss, and apply non-purpose issues and personal interests in any way in the work and meetings.

Our service subjects are summarized below with an excerpt from our association statutes;

1. To protect all kinds of rights and interests of professional football players,

2. Establishing and operating entertaining, relaxing and leisure time centers and facilities with sportive training centers,

3. Encouraging sportive understanding and work among members and in the community,

4. To combine members with friendship, friendship and mutual understanding, to develop social relationships based on love and respect,

5. To make effective contributions to the civilized, cultural, social and moral development of its members,

6. To open branches or representative offices with the same purpose at home or abroad, to cooperate with international activities and to establish a federation for this purpose, to participate in established federations,

7. To produce, support and operate solutions that will contribute to the development of professional football players working at the local or national level,

8. In the loss of rights of the members of the association and professional football players, in the cases opened, it is a party, and when necessary, to send a client to the cases.