As Turkish Professional Footballers Association, our membership conditions are listed below.

Things to be done to complete the membership of the association;

1- Filling out the membership form. CLICK to fill the membership form

After doing these operations, your TPFD Membership takes place.

Who Can Become a Member of TPFD?

- To be an active or retired * professional footballer with legal capacity, whose association membership has not been prohibited.

- To have the right to reside in Turkey for foreigners,

- Those who are banned from being a member of associations, those who have been permanently removed from membership of the association for other reasons other than not paying the association payments, and those who do not obtain permission from the institutions they are affiliated with in accordance with the relevant article of the law of associations, can not be members of the association. Honorary membership may be granted to the real persons who serve the association in an actual or unrequited manner, who provide material or moral benefits.

For detailed information about membership, please contact us.

Address: Maslak Mahallesi Sanatkarlar Sokak, Eclipse B Kule, Kat: 12 D:127, Maslak / ISTANBUL
Telephone: +90 212 259 93 94
E-mail: info@pfd.org.tr

Retired professional football player refers to people who have worked as a professional football player in Turkey leagues for at least 1 years and uniform contract.