The message of the President

Turkish Professional Football Association, was established in 1992 by Fatih Terim, Rıza Çalımbay, Rıdvan Dilmen, Ünal Karaman, Engin İpekoğlu and Oğuz Çetin who are valuable names for Turkish football.

In 14th of March, I came in charge with an election which can be considered as a milestone. By this election, with our new board members who are known as the most important retired players of last two decades, we improved our solving problems and being efficient abilities swiftly.

As TPFA, our main goal is to position football's key element footballers in relations with supporters, referee, directors and football federation and to have footballers in every field related to football.

Finally, we must thank to President of Turkey, Sport Minister, Turkish Football Federation, Union of Clubs, our sponsors and the past board members who used to serve us.

We are having the proud joy of being a member of FIFPro by the year of 2019. We are going to continue to be with footballers all the time by the power of being a member of FIFPro.