TPFD Pre-Season Camp

Turkish Professional Footballers Association organizes season camps for professional footballers. In our camps for professional footballers who have not signed a contract with any club or have not been included in the team before the season, in addition to field studies, footballers have the opportunity to improve themselves by taking trainings in the fields of performance tests, game rules, law, psychology and communication.

Supporting footballers to complete their training deficiencies, playing a role in their technical and tactical development, providing motivation and psychological support by creating personal development opportunities and helping them catch transfer opportunities are among the main goals of our camp.

The organized camps are aimed at football players who play professional football in the Super League, 1st League, 2nd League and 3rd League, football players who have already signed the contract and have not signed a new contract before the new season, and professional football players whose contracts are still in progress but could not enter the camp staff in their team.